What are the Best Paying Entry Level Jobs For Economics Majors?


What are the Best Paying Entry Level Jobs For Economics Majors? There are many students who have majored in economics but do not have the faintest idea of what entry level job would suit them the best and which would offer them the most money. Finding a job is in itself a challenge nowadays. If you are a newbie without any experience that makes the job finding process even more difficult.

1987 to 2006 were quite the formative years for economics. In order to create this list, we researched the various entry level jobs that were available for those with an economics degree. This information was gathered from Learn, a data website offering information about occupations and jobs, and the pay scale. We sorted the results a cording to the average salary of each job. The average salary that is used while ranking was taken from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Each entry level job is listed according to the pay average. Financial manager, Actuary, and Operations research analyst are some of the jobs that an entry level candidate would be able to work at. The job description of a Market research analyst is quite interesting as well. It includes examining the market conditions and finding out the sales market of a specific service or product. Usually, for the role of a financial manager, one needs to have a lot of experience. But for smaller companies, it might be enough to have majored in economics. The job description of a financial manager includes analyzing revenue and sales, creating financial reports, and coming up with long-term goals for the place where you work. They have to work a lot but they receive high salary. The average salary of a financial manager is $117,990. An actuary is another good option. The average salary of an actuary is $97,070. The initial entry level role as an actuary would usually entail internships. They have to analyze the financial cost of uncertainty. Operations research analyst gets paid an average salary of $78,630. Their main job is to find out the financial problems of the company and produce solutions for the same. This is quite an interesting job if you’ve majored in economics. You can look up the complete list of the Best Paying Entry Level Jobs For Economics Majors.


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