What Are the Best Paying Jobs for 15-Years-Olds?


As the economy grows and the prices became bigger than ever, many young people are looking for a summer or part-time jobs at least to help their parents financially by affording their own allowance for themselves. Being unqualified and inexperienced is hard enough in the world of adults, but what happens when you add ‘’underage’’ to your bio? Even if you get some job, many employers would want to take an advantage and give you a minimal wage for the chores someone else will require a much bigger salary. But some jobs have the strict price so there is no chance you will be underpaid. And do you know what the best paying jobs for 15-years-olds are? If you don’t, then please proceed with this article.

The standard limit for employment is 14, but there are certain jobs that are not suitable for people under the age of 16 and they are not allowed to work more than 40 hours per a week in the summer. As any other teenager, you can start with babysitting or mow lawns. To be honest, there are not that room for the people your age to choose. All the work you can provide can be placed in 3 categories.

The first one is taking care of someone. If you are comfortable and tolerant enough to be left with kids than babysitting is the perfect job for you. The job is not that easy since every child has different needs and many of them don’t know how to explain what they want. The other thing is that you need to be very persuasive if you want to be accepted by the child you need to babysit, as they won’t allow everyone to be near them and replace their parents in some way. Besides playing, they need to be washed, changed, and feed, but you need to stand still on your ground and don’t let them do whatever they want. Or you can just work as a dog walker since all you need to do is to take a walk with someone’s dog and give them back to their owners. Of course, dogs also don’t want always to go with new people, but they are more adaptable than kids. Or you can work as a caregiver if you don’t mind working with older people.

The second category includes dinners, restaurants, and grocery stores. You need to deal with all sorts of customers, or you can just work there as a stocker. There would be some questions by customers, just to help them find the product that they need, but the only job you will actually have is to place goods on the shelf. On the other hand, you can apply for a job in a restaurant just to wash dishes. The third category is a bit formal. You can work in some hotel as a receptionist or work in a library as an assistant.

If you are living in New York, there are at least 17 high-paying summer jobs for 15-years-olds. If we weren’t persuasive enough, try out some of those and we guarantee you will find something suitable for you.