What are the best places to retire in Portugal?


So what are the best places to retire in Portugal? You may be thinking of retirement and you don’t know where to go? Do you love sunshine, sea, fantastic wines? If yes, you need to just pack your luggage, put your sunglasses and sun lotion into your bag and go to Portugal! Insider Monkey recently published an article in which we can find lots of interesting facts about his topic. This country is called “European Brazil”. This country has a rich history, being a pioneer in maritime exploration. Country’s explorers like Bartolomeu Dias and Vasco da Gama, alongside discoveries they’ve made, helped Portugal cementing its place on the map of the world.

Its healthcare system is pretty good it has the 9th place in Europe. Regarding to the report from the United States Overseas Security Advisory Council about the safety in this country for 2017: life in Portugal isn’t dangerous, but of course you need to take care at those places that attract tourists and visitors, but this is the same situation everywhere in the world. Those places that are visited by large numbers of tourists can be the pickpockets’ favorite places, too.

In order to get the right answer and be a useful help for you, Insider Monkey has consulted sites like Nomad List, Investopedia, and Expat Change. The places were ranked by the number of hospitals, costs of living, weather. We have picked three places from their list: Guimaraes, Porto, and Viana de Castelo. The IM score of Guimaraes is 13, cost of living index: 60.53, hospital to population ratio: 22,59, temperature 49/83 F. You can find beautiful architecture here and lots of other wonders. In Porto: IM Score: 15, cost of living index: 50.01; hospital to population ratio: 110,526 and the temperature is 53/78°F. Among other fantastic things: port wine is one of the most famous wines in the world! Viana de Castalo: IM Score: 16, cost of living index: 55.97; hospital to population ratio: 17,745 and the temperature is 54/75°F. It is the birthplace of fado music, you will feel calmer than in some other destinations on our list of best places to retire in Portugal.
For any further interesting information, you should read Insider Monkey’s article about the best places to retire in Portugal.