What are the best places to retire in Washington?


Having a homeland as big as ours, it’s always tough to pick an exact retirement address, but if you are one of those checking by the list of states, then it’s time to explore what are the best places to retire in Washington.

Rich in diversity in what it offers, the evergreen state can be your ideal destination if you have some good savings for the retirement years. Because living-cost in Washington is much above than the country average. However, that should not deter you from picking the graceful Washington as rest assured you will have every bit of your cent’s worth living here. So why Washington?

We always like to make these advise based on certain factors that you must consider while deciding carefully about the final retreat. So aside from the cost of living, we highly suggest you to take notice of the local crime rate, availability and expenses related to healthcare facilities. Apart from that you may also like to know if the 65 years and above generation can also be found in Washington so that your evening strolls are never boring and you may always have a fellow elderly person as a companion.

Now Washington is a large state, and to come up with a list of the best places was real hard, still you may like to choose your exact living station based on the sort of climate you can adapt quite easily. Washington has a part with extreme hot and cold weather, where else, the western side has a mediocre climate.

The list of destination places can just go on but you can definitely pick the movie background like picturesque, Snowqualmie city that derives its name from the ever flowing waterfall as its namesake. Next can be the island cities of Mercer island or the Bainbridge Island and who won’t like to claim an island as an area of residence! Some of the most asked questions related to retirement places are about parks and cities with nature’s touch. So, if you have something similar in mind, then you can pick any of the following 4 cities: Camas, Normandy Park, Lake Forest Park and Kenmore. Washington state can also give you the feel of away from city life in the form of beautiful Vashon.

To know the tiny details of associated city ratings in terms of retirement score, keep reading the insightful data gathered by Insider Monkey on best places to retire in Washington.