What are the best places to retire in West Virginia?


Have you been lately thinking about the ‘mountain state’ and wondering what are the best places to retire in West Virginia? You do not need to look further as after reading this piece, you’ll definitely find one good corner in West Virginia to turn into your retirement sanctuary.

Known best for lively outdoor activities, West Viriginia can be your destination for all the adventures you may have been looking for. Be it fishing, hiking, open music festivals, clubs, the nature’s beauty or indoor entertainment arrangements for elderly people; everything is present here. However, retirement is not only about passing some good time at the ripe age. So you also need to consider the economy, number of elderly citizens, health care facilities available in the region and crime rates associated with the cities and suburbs.

As per US census, Weirton tops the list of cities as the friendliest retirement retreat due to its abundance of both indoor and outdoor facilities suitable for the elders. Besides the city also has a high number of Physicians available to serve per capita. Coupled with a lower crime rate and good living conditions, it can be an ideal city to choose.

Another good thing about West Virginia is the favorable climate. It’s never too hot or too cold. According to your likeness, you can choose the sides of the mountain or the warmer, lower lands as suited to you. The state is also very respectful towards the elders as you’ll find a sprawling Elder’s Center in Dunbar or Vienna, where the most people above 65 years are heading and you will never feel deserted. We should also mention Grafton where ‘Mother’s Day’ was first initiated!

If by now you are already thinking seriously about moving to the lovely state, then check Insider Monkey’s list of best places to retire in West Virginia to find details about each destination place.