What are the Best Places To Visit in the USA in April?


What are the Best Places To Visit in the USA in April? April brings monsoon with it. It is a nice month of the year when you get to smell the fresh fragrance of the rain and the greenery. If you’re prepared and ready for the showers, you can actually have a great trip. Those studying in high school get their spring break in April. If you have teen kids, then maybe April is the time for you to plan your vacation. To help you plan your vacation, we have come up with a list of the best places you can visit in the United States.

We searched for articles that we could obtain some information from and use that as our starting point to create this list. We retrieved the information from articles published in Money Crashers, Huffington Post, and Travel and Leisure. We selected those destinations which appeared in all the three articles. We then searched for the price of the flights to these places by using John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York as our source point. The places have been ranked according to the price of the flight.

Ranking these places according to the events or festivals that each place has and the number of attractions they have would be not possible as most of the places have something for every kind of person. Since everyone would be interested in different things and gave different ideas of fun and how to spend the holidays, we used the flight price to rank the destinations. Read on to know more!

Chicago, Denver, and Kansas City are some of the Best Places To Visit in the USA in April. A flight to Chicago costs about $200. Some of the attractions in Chicago that you can expect to see in April are Baconfest Chicago, art fairs, B-Rooted Festival, music festivals, The Black Women’s Expo, free dance workshops, and the Chicago Dance Month commences from April. A flight ticket to Dever would cost you about $242. Some of the things you can visit here are the Athena Project Arts Festival, Toy & Doll Supershow, Denver Autoshow, Six Women Playwriting Festival, and Body Mind Spirit Celebration. Kansas City is another destination that you can consider. You would be able to experience Flights of Fancy Mega Kite Festival, Vignoble Food and Wine Fest, Kansas City FilmFest, and Color Vibe. A flight ticket would cost you about $285. Check out the entire list!


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