What Are the Best Residency Programs for Neurologists and Neurosurgeons?


Today we are brainstorming for brain doctors. Actually, for wannabe brain doctors. We wanted to find out what are the best residency programs for neurologists and neurosurgeons. Stick with us to discover what our researchers found out for you.

Have you ever heard about Doximity? That is a great website that provides all the information about each residency program in the country and also has about 52,000 physicians who participated in surveys in order to rank each residency program individually and help website owners to establish the lists from best to worse residency programs in each field. To create our own unique list of best residency programs for neurologists and neurosurgeons, we picked a bit into their lists and on top of both of them is the University of California, San Francisco. All of the participants who joined the survey said that, besides the great reputation of the University by itself and the doctors hanging around, is the flexible life you are going to have in San Francisco. The whole team is very corresponsive and allows you more flexible working hours than the other universities. Also, it is a hard working team whom you can learn the most from and they give you lots of different opportunities after you finish your residency.

If you are not that big of a San Francisco fan, we are glad to inform you that this isn’t the only residency program that we found to be among the top 10 in the country. Unfortunately, the lists are similar, but not completely the same. So, if you have already chosen whether you are going to be neurologist or neurosurgeon, we have both of lists waiting for you. Fortunately for you, if you are still struggling to make this decision, some residency programs can be found on both of the lists so, if you enter some of them, you will be given the opportunity to choose the road you are going to take. If not, here is the list of top 10 neurology residency programs in America and 10 best neurosurgery residency programs in America


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