What are the best-selling alkaline bottled water brands in America?


So what are the best-selling alkaline bottled water brands in America? How much water do you drink a day? Are you conscious of your health? What kind of water do you like drinking? Insider Monkey has recently published an article about bottled water, which you really need to read. As for me I strive to drink enough water, although I must admit I often forget about it. But nowadays I always put a bottle of water on my desk, near my laptop in order to keep it in mind. Therefore I manage to drink 3-3,5 liters of water a day. Luckily people are more and more conscious of fitness and health – and they want to be sure that drinks and food they consume, are not harmful for their health.

Alkaline water is popular because it less acidic than tap water. The pH of the neutral water is 7, therefore any water whose pH is above 7 is regarded alkaline water. Pre-packaged water is very good, but I agree with the author of the article when she says she would rather have a reusable, sturdy bottle. Drinking enough water is essential, but saving the environment is also important.

In order to give us the appropriate and right answer Insider Monkey observed the alkaline brands on Amazon with ratings between 3 and 5 stars. These brands are bought most frequently and consequently they are the best ones. So we can get to know what alkaline bottled water is worth purchasing it.

We have picked three items from Insider Monkey’s article: Alkaline 88 Alkaline Water; Noah’s Spring Water; and Premium Alkaline Water Infused With Fulvic Trace. Alkaline 88 Alkaline Water (with ranking: 3,9) is reverse osmosis water; and has a pH balance of 8.8, promotes balance in our body, and reduces acidity. Noah’s Spring Water; this water got 4.1 ranking; it’s infused with magnesium and it has an 8.4 pH level. At last but not least we mention Premium Alkaline Water Infused With Fulvic Trac, with its ranking: 4.1. This water has a pH level of 8, but it’s not your ordinary bottled water. The fulvic trace makes the water naturally black, which makes it feel fancy.
For any further tips what kind of water should be drunk, we recommend reading tha article about the best-selling alkaline bottled water brands in America.