What are the Best Space Documentaries on Hulu?


What are the Best Space Documentaries on Hulu? Space and things about it have always intrigued us, humans. There is so much to explore and we are hardly done with the Earth yet. But we have made a lot of progress in understanding the space and have even come up with a few technical inventions such as the Mars Rover. It’s not a great deal as we walked on the moon for the first time about 50 years ago! However, we are still progressing slowly. A few years down the line, people could actually visit the space. This is possible due to the commercial space flights which are being planned for the future. There’s also a plan for colonizing Mars. More on that later!

NASA recently discovered that there are earth sized planets orbiting around TRAPPIST-1, a dwarf star. This is about 39 light-years away from the earth. What’s amazing is that it’s possible that these planets may be able to support life. It looks as if we may have better chances of finding another planet that is habitable for the humans. Though we may not be able to witness the feat of humans moving permanently to another planet, it certainly exciting to know that it’s going to happen. We have progressed a lot with the help of science, and we have a lot more to go.

Hulu was established in 2006 by Twenty-First Century Fox Inc, Walt Disney Co, and Comcast Corporation. It has become a top video streaming platform in the US. Time Warner Inc has a 10% stake in this. Hulu also has plans to start a live television streaming service this year. It will have CBS broadcasts among others. There are not many space documentaries as it is a topic about which not much is known, and filmmakers do not take up the challenge of exploring further. We went through Hulu to find their most popular space documentaries. Each documentary was ranked according to the ratings in IMDB. In case, two documentaries had the same rating, the documentary which had more votes was ranked higher. Take a look!

For All Mankind, Cosmic Journeys, and A Brief History of Time are some of the Best Space Documentaries on Hulu. For All Mankind has an IMDb rating of 8.2. Cosmic Journeys was given a rating of 8.1 in IMDb. A Brief History of Time has a 7.4 rating on IMDb. Check out the complete lists for more ideas.