What are the Best States for Animal Scientists?


What are the Best States for Animal Scientists? What are the Best States for Animal Scientists? Animal scientists have one of the most interesting jobs in the world. If you’re already an animal scientist or are planning and studying to become one, you might have several questions about your future and profession.

In our attempt to prepare the list of the best states for animal scientists, we used three main factors. The first factor is the annual average pay in each state for animal scientists. Though the higher pay is always preferred over the lower pay, it should not be the only factor that you consider. The other two factors as just as important. The second factors are the employment rates in each state for this profession. This talks about how long would it take you to get work in your area of profession. The third and last factor is the cost of living rates in each state. Lower cost of living means more savings and a comfortable lifestyle. Taking into consideration all the three factors gives you a better and more accurate idea of which state would suit you and your profession the best.

The information about the employment rates and the annual average salary were obtained from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. The data about the cost of living rates of each state was sourced from The Missouri Economic Research and Information Center. The states on this list were ranked considering all the three factors and the averaged figure was taken and the final sorting was done accordingly. If you’re an animal scientist, you definitely need to take a look at this list.

Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Iowa are some of the best states for animal scientists. The annual average pay in Nebraska is $105,840 and the cost of living index is 91.3. The employment rate is 110. Oklahoma gives an average yearly salary of $64,360 to the animal scientists. The employment rate is 40. Though their employment rate is low, the low cost of living in this state is a huge plus. Animal scientists are paid an average annual wage of $68,770. The employment rate is 120. Iowa has a stable economy which is a good sign. Many companies have started investing here creating more employment opportunities in various sectors. It is also known be very safe. Check out the entire list of the Best States for Animal Scientists.