What are the Best States For Chemists?


What are the Best States For Chemists? A lot of states have good opportunities for chemists. Chemistry is one of the most exciting branches of science. If you are a chemist or planning to be one, then you can check out this list of the best states for chemists. In compiling this list, we used three major factors. These factors are the annual average pay, employment rates, and the cost of living of each state. Each plays an important role in determining which state would suit you the best and where you would be able to find a job in the shortest period of time.

Annual pay is a major criterion as it is tough to land a job due to the educational requirements. If you are earning a great deal but it is all going to the living expenses, then there is no point of your earning so much. Employment rates play the main role as well as it would affect the time by which you could land a job. The states are ranked as per the average annual pay, the employment rates, and the cost of living rates. These were averaged and the final results are shown in the article. The data about the wages and the employment rates were taken from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The information about the cost of living index was obtained from the Missouri Economic and Research Information Center.

Michigan, North Carolina, and California are some of the best states for chemists. The annual wage for chemists in Michigan is $75,800 and the employment rate is 2,600. The cheap rate of living helps those who want to move here. The average salary pay in North Carolina is $73,040 and the employment rate is 3,500. The great pay along with the low living rates makes this city an ideal place to live. Chemists in California earn an average annual wage of $84,600 and the employment rate in California is 12,050. The highest rate of employment is in California. It could be due to the large number of pharmaceutical, manufacturing, and hospitals that are seen around in the state. There is no shortage of jobs. Average living expenses and a good salary is a life settled for the chemists. Check out the entire list of the Best States For Chemists.


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