What are the Best States for Construction Managers?


What are the Best States for Construction Managers? Construction managers are among the highest paid workers in the construction sector. You can check out the Best States for Construction Managers to know more about it. We have prepared a list of such states where construction managers can earn about $140,000 annually. When we compare the managerial positions in other fields, we learn that construction managers get paid the lowest. We also learn that other management positions require a degree while the construction does not require one. The average pay is $87,400 which is about $45,000 less than what the engineering and architectural managers earn.

According to BLS, the Bureau Labor of Statistics, 239,640 Americans work as construction managers. Most of them are in the non-residential building sector. These managers are responsible for coordinating, planning, and supervising the construction projects. They need to be knowledgeable about the construction methods, rules and regulations, materials, and other related things. One way to become a construction manager is to gain experience by working as a construction laborer and then rise up to the position of a construction manager. Many large firms in the US expect their employees to have academic qualifications in their field of work. The usual path is to gets BA degree in construction science. Those who do not or cannot spend four years studying can finish their degree with some experience in the same sector. Having a certificate can help the construction managers to find a job much more easily.

We have created a list of best states for construction managers were the main factors we took into consideration were the annual average pay, how many constructors are employed for every 1,000 residents, and on the basis of how much the demand for this occupation will rise by 2024. Information about the job status was obtained from Projections Central. The other information were taken from BLS. We sorted the list according to the average based on these factors.

California, Colorado, and Hawaii are some of the best states for construction workers. The annual wage in Hawaii is $96,810. The average annual salary in Colorado is $92,670 while the average pay in California is $108,240. California tops this list with a 19.2% of an increase in jobs in the future. You can check out the list of the Best States for Construction Managers.