What are the Best States For Detectives and Criminal Investigators?


What are the Best States For Detectives and Criminal Investigators? Get ready, all you sleuths out there. In this article, we are going to talk about the best states for criminal investigators and detectives. Being a sleuth is not an easy job. Apart from the actual practicalities, there are also such things called stupidity and clumsiness. If you do not suffer from these unfortunate problems, then you have a good chance of becoming an investigator or a detective.

Both the criminal investigators and the detectives work as per the rules to reach the conclusion of a crime while making sure that the citizens are not breaking any law. They are often referred to as special agents or agents. Their job includes collecting evidence and talking to suspects. Most of them specialize in a field of crime such as drug trafficking, homicide, or fraud. The Bureau of Labor Statistics prediction says that the number of criminal investigators will rise by a huge figure in the future. If you are planning a career and are not faint-hearted, maybe this is for you.

This field is also quite dangerous and those who value safety should probably stay away from this career option. It is not easy to become a criminal investigator though. First, one would have to get their bachelor or masters degree with an excellent grade. After this, one can enroll in a law enforcement and gain more experience. AT this time, they would also be able to choose their specialization and learn more about it. This list contains data taken from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Some of the factors that were considered were the salary, the cost of living of a particular city, and more.

Mississippi, Alaska, and Colorado are some of the cities which rank on this list. Mississippi has over 1,950 criminal investigator and detectives. Alaska is also a great place for the criminal investigators and the city pays an average of $54 per hour. Colorado too offers many opportunities in this field and pays about $40 per hour to the criminal investigators. You can check out the full list of the Best States For Detectives and Criminal Investigators. This list tells you about the Cost of living index, the Average annual wages, and the Average hourly wage. If you are planning a career in this field, you know where to settle down!