What are the Best States For Family and General Practitioners?


What are the Best States For Family and General Practitioners? Doctors need to trustworthy and reliable. We need to find a doctor whom we can trust and confide. It sometimes might take quite a long time in order to find a doctor whom you like. A doctor should give his patient his complete attention, keep proper records, and be reliable.

When we suffer from any common problems such as colds, cough, flu etc, we go to our family physician or a general practitioner. It is no piece of cake to become a general practitioner as they need to study touch subjects. They involve problem-solving skills and ability to think under pressure. After you study, you would have to pass a licensure exam post which they would have to undergo between 3 to 7 years of experience in residency or take up any specialization. Family physicians take care of the health of all the family members for any common injuries or sickness such as fever, sinusitis, bone injuries etc. They need to be kind and patient to be able to put their patients at ease.

With so many responsibilities, it is only natural that their salary should be high. The annual average salary for a general practitioner is $221,419 as per Medical Group Management Association (MGMA). The pay scale differs according to your experience, your place of practice, hours of work, and more. Salary is the main factor but it alone cannot determine the best city to live in. Employment rates and the cost of living index are quite important factors as well. The best states would be those having the perfect balance between all these factors. We have taken the cost of living index information from the Missouri Economic and Information Research Center (MERIC). The annual average salary and the employment rates were taken from BLS. The average of these was taken to compile our list.

Illinois, Ohio, and Missouri are some of the best states for family and general practitioners. The average annual salary in Illinois is $182,150 and 5,240 are employed. Annual average pay is $180,220 in Ohio where 3,840 are employed. $151,730 is the annual average wage in Missouri and 7,020 people are employed. You can check out the full list of the Best States For Family and General Practitioners. This list provides information about the annual average salary, cost of living, number of employed, and some information about the city.