What Are the Best States for Massage Therapists?


If you have chosen massage therapy as your career path, you have to know what the best states for massage therapists are.

There are things you have to pay attention to if you are looking for your next domicile. First of all, the salary. There is no point of moving if your next location has to offer lower salary, where you won’t be able to pay the rent and bills and not to mention put some money in your savings account. To find the state that offers the highest salary for massage therapists, we consulted the US Bureau of Labor Statistics and the results were astonishing. None of the states offer less than $30,000 annually and the biggest number of states offers over $40,000. The one that stood up the most was Alaska, with the average annual salary of $84,150. But don’t rush it, because the salary isn’t the only thing that matters in this case.

What does the high salary mean to you if you are living in a city or a state that takes almost everything you earn for the bills and everyday goods? So, you also have to take a look at the costs of living indexes. Now, this is a turnover. If you take the living costs as one of the prime criteria, you would pull off Alaska from the top immediately because of the enormously high prices and put Indiana instead. But since massage therapists living in Indiana earn only $34,720 on annual basis, which is nothing in comparison to the money you could earn in Alaska, Indiana ended up at the bottom as well.

Besides the salary and the monthly costs, you also have to be aware of the number of employees in this field and the number of employees each state individually is looking for. You want a state that will give you the permanent position and not looking at you like the excess. So, in order to rank the best states for massage therapists, we took the next formula: we ranked all of them based on three different criteria – salary, living costs, and employment rate and, based on their results, we found the best out of 25 best states for massage therapists


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