What are the Best States for Mathematicians?


What are the Best States for Mathematicians? Those who love mathematics and are looking to work in this field will find this article very useful. There are many works that you could do if you’re a mathematician or have studied mathematics. Many of them become professors who teach mathematics to the students and pass on their knowledge to the next generation. They continue their research when they do not have classes. Mathematicians are also required in other fields like medicine, robotics, and astronomy. The scope of this subject is vast. All you need is dedication and interest to pursue one field within this subject. This could be based on your interest and specialization. The best states are those which have plenty of job opportunities.

In an effort to know which are the best states for mathematicians, we took three factors into consideration to understand the cost of living for a person working there. The three factors we considered were the cost of living, the employment rates, and the average annual wages. We obtained the cost of living index from theMissouri Economic Research and Information Center (MERIC). The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) provided the employment rates and the annual average salary. Salary is one of the most important criteria when looking for a job. But equally important is the cost of living of the area. Looking at them together is the ideal way of handling things. In this list, we have added those cities which have a low cost of living, high employment rates, and a good salary.

Michigan, New Mexico, and Florida are some of the best states for mathematicians. The Annual median salary for mathematicians living in Michigan is $84,900. The Cost of living index rates as 88.2 while the employment rate is 60. New Mexico pays the mathematicians an annual average wage of $108,510. The cost of living index is 95.7 and the employment rate is 50. Those living in Florida and working as mathematicians are paid an average annual salary of $94,050. The cost of living index for Florida is 99 and the employment rate is 110. California is a state you can consider as it features on the list of the best states for mathematicians. The annual average salary in Florida for mathematicians is $118,040. The cost of living index is 134.8 and the employment rate is 70.


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