What are the Best States For Pharmacists?


What are the Best States For Pharmacists? Pharmacists are those people who give you the medicines according to the doctor’s prescription. If you are a pharmacist or are planning to become one and are pursuing your studies right now, you need to know what would the ideal place for you to live would be. This is a good time to plan your future if you are studying. If you are open to moving to a new place after you are done with your studies, you will find this list very helpful. In order to help you out, we have compiled a list of the Best States For Pharmacists which pay the highest.

Becoming a pharmacist is no piece of cake. They need proper qualifications and license as well. They cannot afford to make mistakes while giving the medicines to the patients as it might end up being fatal. They also need to have sound knowledge about their field. The pharmacists are responsible for telling their customers how and when to take the medicines. Pharmacists help us with health and wellness screening and give us suggestions and advice on adopting a healthier way of life. The pharmacists put in a lot of time and effort to become what they are today. They should be appreciated and paid for their services to the society. So, we decided to put together a list of the highest paying states for pharmacists.

We obtained the annual average pay for pharmacists from the Bureau of Labor Statistics along with the average hourly pay. We need for the number of employees employed in each state and the cost of living index of each state from MERIC. We have ranked the list according to these 3 factors. Take a look!

Tennessee, Mississippi, and Alabama are some of the best states for Pharmacists. The cost of living index for Mississippi is 86 which the annual average salary is $120,300. The number of employees here is 2,740. This state tops the list. Alabama’s cost of living is 91.2 and the annual average pay is $121,550. There are 5,330 employees in this field in Alabama. Tennessee pays an average of $118,310 per year. The cost of living is 89.8 and 8,060 people are employed here. Check out the best states for Pharmacists. Pack your bags and get moving to the place that suits you the best!