What are the Best States For Police Officers?


What are the Best States For Police Officers? It is difficult to imagine a smooth life without the presence of police officers. Every state and every country need these selfless souls to maintain the law and order of that place. If you aspire to be a police office, you need to start planning on where you want to live. You need to think about many factors. You can thank us as we have done a bit of research for you.

We have taken three main points to find out which are the best states for the police officers to settle in. The employment rates of each state were considered. It is a job field which can never go out of jobs. There would always be the police force and people to serve in it. The higher the rate of employment of a city, the better jobs you can find there. The next factor is their earnings. When you talk about a job, the first thing we see is the salary. But that cannot be taken as the single most important factor as there are others things to be considered as well which are equally important. We have also taken the cost of living rates in each state. The lower the living rates, the better the state would be for you.

We averaged the main factors to come to the conclusion of what would be the best states for police officers. The states on the list would have low living rates, good employment rates, and above average pay scale. The information about the cost of living was taken from the Missouri Economic and Research Information Center while the annual average pay and the employment rates for police officers were obtained from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Florida, Illinois, and Pennsylvania are some of the best states for police officers. The annual average salary for police officers in Illinois is $73,140. The cost of living is 95.5. Illinois is also known to be the state that pays the most to the police officers. Pennsylvania pays an average of $66,790. Though the cost of living is a bit on the higher side, the high wages make sure you end the month on a comfortable note. Florida has an average pay of $55,050. Take a look at the complete list of the Best States For Police Officers. Now that you have done you research, pack your bags!


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