What are the Best States For Sociologists?


What are the Best States For Sociologists? Are you a sociologist hunting for the best city to move to? Great! We have the answer to your query right here. It is better to lead a life in the city which provides plenty of job opportunities for you in your chosen field while you also get to enjoy a certain standard of lifestyle. If you’re aspiring to become a sociologist, then it is better you seek a college of university in the same state which would also be convenient for you to work. There is no sense in moving from city to city.

Sociologists are those who study the social behavior and the society by examining particular cultures, institutions, groups, or organizations. They process and check the development when many people work and interact with each other. You might have got a chance to study this in college. They work in research institutes, universities, colleges, or in the government. Is is more often a research job. If you take this up as your career, there are lots of research to do or teach a class. There are no degree requirements to become a sociologist. Those aiming to work in a university and teach need a postgraduate degree.

According to US News, UC Berkeley, University of Wisconsin, and Princeton are the best universities for sociologists. Once you are done with your education, you probably would want to settle down in a place which pays more and costs less to live. We took information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics where we noticed that there was a great deal of difference between in salaries for sociology teachers and sociologists. We got their salaries and calculated their average. This figure was averaged with the cost of living index for each state in order to come up with the best states that provide high pay and had a low cost of living rates.

Michigan, New Mexico, and Illinois are some of the states which best for sociologists. Michigan pays an average of $37 per hour while New Mexico pays $39. In Illinois, one can earn around $38 per hour. About 670 are employed in Michigan, and 70 in New Mexico. The employee count is 370 in Illinois. You can check out the entire list of the Best States For Sociologists. Pack up! Now you know where you’re settling down!