What are the best summer jobs to learn English?


What are the best summer jobs to learn English? English has become an important language around the world. Because of the extensive colonization of the British Empire, the English language is now widespread around the world. It has become the primary language of business and people from most countries recognize the importance of learning the language. Even the French are now taking pains to learn English, so that shows how vital it has become!

But after having learned the basics, how do you improve your English? Certainly not by continuing to speak with similar other people! You will have to talk to a native English person to be able to learn faster and understand the nuances of the language. But what if you don’t have such friends? One option is to actually take off to work in a country where you can meet native English speakers. Of course, if you belong to an African or Asian country, getting visas for a summer job is not going to be easy at all! But if you are from a wealthy country, you can try out these options!

Some interesting summer jobs that can help you with learning English are working in a summer camp, as a chef, or as a caregiver. You can earn well working in a summer camp, where the average pay per hour is $14. You will be able to talk in English to everyone and you will have to keep talking all the time because that would be part of your job! Working as a chef can give you $13 per hour, and you get the opportunity to learn English by communicating with your colleagues. If you are an introvert, this is a good option for you because you can choose when to communicate and with whom. Being a caregiver is a job you are likely to get as a foreigner because of the lack of supply in any country. At $12 per hour, it’s not a bad job and you will be able to develop your language skills as well.

To get more ideas on the best summer jobs to learn English, check out our list. We compiled it with ideas from The Guardian and Quora. The ranking has been done according to the average salary of each job.