What are the best vegan documentaries streaming on Hulu?


What are the best vegan documentaries streaming on Hulu? People who want to turn vegan usually have a larger idea of animal welfare behind their decision. Others turn to veganism because of the health benefits it provides. With veganism, you stop eating meat and animal products, but it is more than this. It also means you are speaking out against the exploitation of animals for human pleasure. This means in the long term, avoiding purchasing items like leather and silk, and becoming aware of where everything you buy comes from. Such an attitude could benefit everyone in the long-term, including humans.

All this might be difficult because we are used to exploiting animals all our lives and the world is geared towards it. But if you decide to embrace veganism, you will have to come up with creative ways of substitution. You will never be able to completely avoid exploitation but you can make an impact by reducing your own consumption of such products. Although a vegan diet is quite healthy, it can lead to some deficiencies. Calcium, Vitamin D, and Vitamin B12 are lacking in a vegan diet, so do consult a doctor or dietician and start taking supplements. On the other hand, your diet will be less in cholesterol, blood pressure, and high in antioxidants. Watching a few documentaries on the subject will help you remain informed about the issues and benefits related to veganism, and might also give you a few ideas.

Food, Inc., and Vegucated are two documentaries worth watching. After watching Food, Inc., you might conceivably never touch meat again! It is a critique of mass food production industry and focuses on the unhealthy processes of food production and the harm it does to animals, humans, and the environment. If you are already into veganism and want to get more information, then Vegucated is a good documentary. It follows three men who love meat and decide to go vegan for six weeks. The way their lifestyle and perspective change is the focus of this documentary. To know more about veganism, explore our list of the best vegan documentaries streaming on Hulu. It is compiled with reference to Something To Stream, and the ranking has been done on the basis of the documentaries’ IMDb rating.