What Are the Best Ways to Initiate Teenagers To Think


Teenagers are very fragile and this period represents the worse parent-children, as well as teachers-students period. Both parents and teachers are doing their best to keep this loosen crowd on track, but teenagers seem to be less interested in what adults have to say, but to continue the road that the previous generation created. So what are the best ways to initiate teenagers to think and avoid making some decision that would cost them their whole life?

Teenagers hate everyone. Not because they are spoiled, but because everyone around them works against them, or at least they think so. Now is the time where every teenager in the world would tell me to stop making stuff up and stop acting like a brainy since I am not that clever as I think. They would tell me that I can’t compare them from teenagers from the ancient time I grow up in and that they are not as bitter as I represented them. True. My generation was awful. These new ones probably aren’t. They are probably sweet, and kind, and cuddly, right? WRONG!

We have all been there. I was a teenager who thought I had the toughest time. Now, I am a parent who thinks that will be having the toughest time in about ten years when my son becomes a teenager. The only thing that I am not is a frightened teacher who doesn’t know what kind of next generation will welcome in the classroom next spring and would they be worse or better than the previous ones. They better assume already that they will be worse. Again, not because teenagers are awful people, but because there would be fewer disappointments if something goes wrong. Better now?

There is a certain pattern for every teenage generation. They all think that they are old and experienced enough to know everything. They all think that they are old and experienced enough to make major decisions for them. They all think that the whole world is either against them or love them exclusively. They think that the drinking and partying time finally came. But what about the self-improvement? Does anyone think about it? Well, which improvement if they are already perfect? If you are an adult, you already know better so there is no need to continue with this charade. If you are some influenced person in teenagers’ life that means that you are the ones in charge of their future. You are the one that has to make them think with their own head and prevent them from losing their aim. And how to do that? How to make them think? How to make them see the real world with their own eyes? How to make their brains work properly again? Simple. By debates. To help you out more, here are 17 controversial debate topics for teenagers you should try out the next time. Good luck and let us know how it was gone.