What are the biggest air force bases in the world?


So what are the biggest air force bases in the world? Are you interested in the armies around the world? Would you like to know more about the air bases? Do you want to read about airplanes? Insider Monkey recently published an interesting article about this topic.

The United States is well-known for its most powerful military in the world. Therefore it is the home of some of the largest military bases in the world. Generally speaking most people are interested in military bases because they are so closed for the everyday people. We like to take a look at it and even for only minutes but take an insight of it. Security is no joke when you are within even a few miles of these bases. According to the Air Force’s Personal Center there are 13,000 pilots, 1,364 air battle managers and over 300,000 active duty personnel. This branch is the newest in the U.S., it was established in 1947. In the Air Force there are also almost 61,000 female personnel. The strongest Air Forces can be found in Australia, Germany, Japan, India and France – just to name only a few of them.

Insider Monkey has consulted sites like VeteranAid, MilitaryTmes, AirLiners, MilitaryInstalations to get all the necessary information to make a list. So the base at the top of their list is associated with the largest population of personnel out of the group of 10.

We have picked three bases from the list: Edwards, Keesler; Nellis. Edwards is in California, and its population is 22,000. It is the home of the Air Force Flight Test Center. It is home to many aerospace “firsts,” like where the sound barrier was broken. The second one is Keesler with a population of 27,188; it’s located in Mississippi. Keesler was opened with a primary mission of training. The base focuses on a high-technology training in various fields. At last but not least we mention Nellis, which is in Nevada. Its population is 29,900. It is the home of a major, joint medical venture. The Air Force houses the medical facility and manages it for the Department of Defense (DoD).
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