What are the Biggest Churches in Asia?


What are the Biggest Churches in Asia? Sunday is the best day to visit churches and we find the people attired in their best dresses. They have fun while visiting the church. Many visitors do not give full attention to the sermons. They just enjoy the gathering and the opportunity to meet up with people.

Nowadays, people visit the church not just to pray but to practice their religion and to worship their God. Moreover, what attracts people to the church is their beautiful construction, the soothing atmosphere, and the opportunity to relax and just forget about the stress of life and work. Churches are not limited to the Western world. Asia has a lot of churches and many of them are quite huge. Their weekly attendance is large as well.
There are all sorts of people belonging to various religions in the Asian countries. They have a diverse culture. Christianity is not a major religion in Asia though you will find many churches here, none the less. There are about 3 billion people following the Christian faith. The details of the churches have been taken from the website Leadnet. Warren Bird has collected and presented a document giving out the details of churches in the world. The important point in the presentation was to see how many people attended the church per week rather than the vastness of the churches as only those people who have faith in the religion visit the church on regular basis.

Yoido Full Gospel Church, Onnuri (All Nations) Community Church, and Victory Metro Manila are some of the Biggest Churches in Asia. Yoido Full Gospel Church was established in 1958 in Seoul, South Korea by David Yonggi Cho. It has a weekly attendance of 200,000. Onnuri (All Nations) Community Church is also located in Seoul, South Korea. It has a weekly attendance of 75,000. It was established in 1984 by pastor Yong Jo Hah. The pastor now is Jae Hoon Lee. Victory Metro Manila is located in Manila, Philippines. It was founded in 1984 by Pastor Steve Murrell. Over 65,000 people attend it every week. Their membership count is 110,000. Yeshu Darbar (Royal Court of Jesus) is a church located in Allahabad in India. It has a weekly attendance of 50,000. It was founded in 2000 by pastor Rajendra B. Lal. They have many branches across the country. Check out the complete list of the Biggest Churches in Asia.