What are the Biggest Churches in New York City?


What are the Biggest Churches in New York City? Churches are always fascinating to see. So when a wedding takes place, it always reminds every one of the big churches. New York has some of the biggest churches. Churches have been built in a manner where you cannot but marvel at the architectural beauty of it. The grandeur of the church increases the sanctity of the wedding that takes place in it. So when some wedding is planned it takes quite a bit of energy to locate those beautiful churches which suit the occasion of the wedding.

The rate at which churches are booked is unimaginable. Already one of the churches has already been booked for the whole year and the booking has now started for 2018. It means people are planning right ahead and booking for the wedding. It is quite possible that people are having inside knowledge and hence booking is done fast. Many think that Catholics have the most beautiful religious structures such as Churches but Episcopals have some spectacular churches as well. The drawback of these churches is that they charge a great deal if you wish to get married there. The price is less if you are a member of that church. For those who are not members, it could cost you about $2000-$5000+.

A better option and a cheap one at that would be to attend a service here. A tour is a great idea as well. Their architecture is amazing and you can find many such churches across New York. If you are interested in taking a look at these churches, and you want to know which are the biggest one, we have got this list ready here just for you! Tourists in New York would like to see the churches along with the other landmarks, for whom this list would be useful. We obtained the information from Hartford Institute For Religion Research and Faithfully Magazine about the churches located in New York City. It was difficult to sort them according to the number of weekly attendees as the figures are increasing quite rapidly. We have done our best though!

Christian Cultural Center, Times Square Church, and Redeemer Presbyterian Church are some of the Biggest Churches in New York City. Christian Cultural Center was established by Dr. A.R Bernard 38 years back and is located in East New York section of Brooklyn. The weekly average attendees every week is 13,000. Times Square Church was established in October 1987 by David Wilkerson. It is located in the Theater District of Manhattan in NYC and is an inter-denominational church. The weekly attendance here is over 8,000. Redeemer Presbyterian Church is situated on the Upper East Side of New York City. It was established in 1989 and the lead pastor here is Timothy J. Keller. The average weekly attendance is 5,200.