What are the biggest churches in the world?


So what are the biggest churches in the world? Have you ever thought about the biggest churches? Do you know that even today large, new churches are being built? If you needed to guess, what do you expect the biggest one is in the world? Insider Monkey now gives the answer as they published an amazing article about this topic recently. As for me who am a protestant theologian it is always a heart-gripping subject to study, read and speak about churches. Nevertheless so far I haven’t known too much about the largest churches in the world myself either so it was a pretty nice experience for me, too. Actually when we say ‘church’ it means the Christian buildings as speaking about other religions we use the term for example mosque, synagogue etc. It is important to mention that many times when we consider biggest churches or churches at all in the world we think of only medieval buildings or older ones. But as a matter of fact there are modern churches built nowadays as well, and what is really surprising that they are kind of big! Not only chapels or something like that but huge churches like Church of the Most Holy Trinity in Portugal which was finished only ten years ago!

Insider Monkey consulted sites like Guinness Records, and Medieval Churches In The World. Actually comparing the churches is not an easy task as accepted measure of largeness can include volume, area, height, width and capacity but this latter is rather a subjective aspect. So for example if one church can be declared to be the largest concerning on point of view (for example area as we did the comparison) but on the hand regarding to another aspect there can be a much larger found.

W have picked three items from Insider Monkey’s: Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Mexico City, Basilica of the Sacred Heart, Koekelberg (Brussels), and Ulm Minster, Ulm, Germany. Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe is in Mexico City and this church got the fifteenth place in the list with its large measure of 8,167 m2. It was built from 1974-1976 and its diameter is amazing 102 m! Roman Catholic believers go here to adore the Lord. The next one is Basilica of the Sacred Heart that is quite a modern church as it was built from 1905-1970 for 65 years and its area is 8,000 m2. It’s usually called Koekelberg Basilica. The denomination is Roman Catholic. Ulm Minster is in Germany and it is the world’s tallest and of the largest churches made of brick throughout the globe. Its area is 8,260 m2 and it was built from 1377-1890 for 513 years!
You can admire more amazing churches when reading the article about the biggest churches in the world.