What are the biggest construction projects in NYC?


so what are the biggest construction projects in NYC? There are lots of constructions in New York as it is a very large and busy city. As for the constructions, many people dislike them, but when a building or a road is finished, it is a good feeling to use them. The square where my university is located was under construction for many years. I really hated it, because almost every week the pedestrians’ way was removed. The pavement we could use so far was closed and we had to find another path to approach the building. But finally it was finished, and now it is so beautiful that I love walking there. In New York skyscrapers grow from the ground, and it is incredible how quickly these monstrosities are completed. Insider Monkey recently published an article in which we can find lots of interesting facts about his topic.

There are architectural wonders built every where, and couple of decades ago it lasted to put up them within years. According to Engineering News-Record New York (ENR) there was a decline in the number of construction in 2016. . ENR reported that the amount of constructions reached $11 billion which shows decreasing from $20 billion from 2015. But New York hasn’t stopped growing as we can see from Insider Monkey1s article.

In order to create the list Insider Monkey has consulted sites like The Real Deal, and Business Insider to find out how many constructions are in the City, and what the biggest ones. The constructions were ranked by the reports of these two sites. We have picked three items from their list now: Industry City, Essex Crossing, and Hunter’s Point South. Industry City has an estimated cost of $1 billion, and it is Brooklyn. An old industrial building is being renovated and repurposed. This building will include gyms, parking, food options and open space. The second one is Essex Crossing, the estimated cots is $1.1 billion. It will be about two million square feet of residential, commercial, and community space in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. And at last but not least we mention Hunter’s Point South. Its estimated cost is $2 billion, and it is located in Long Island City. It will offer apartments.
For any further interesting facts, you should read Insider Monkey’s article about the biggest construction projects in NYC.


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