What are the biggest countries where the suicide is illegal:


So what are the biggest countries where the suicide is illegal? It is rather a sad stats we can read in Insider Monkey’s article that was recently published. The title of the article is right as however strange may it be, but there some countries where suicide is illegal.

Of course it is not illegal in a way that someone is prosecuted if he, she commits suicide (and manages to finish it), the government takes the person’s property and unfortunately the family members can undergo certain procedures. And the dead body must be treated as it is usually done. If someone only tries to commit suicide and fails in that intention, that may be regarded illegal. Euthanasia and assisted dying are also difficult questions in these countries, where these two still haven’t been made legal. The assisted suicide is actually the suicide in which the person who wants to commit it is completely aware of the process and performs it alone, while the physician only assists it in providing the lethal means.While euthanasia is different, because during the procedure the patient is aware of it – the doctor is totally charge of it, and gives the lethal substance intravenously.

All of these are very controversial questions and one should not say opinion without observing the issues. In order to get the right answer, Insider Monkey has consulted sites like Mental Health Daily, Quora, BBC, The Guardian, WHO Suicide and Depression Stats by countries. Interestingly, there are countries where for example suicide is illegal, but euthanasia is not. Cyprus is only European country where suicide is still illegal. Insider Monkey has ranked the countries for this article by checking the number of population. Those countries can be seen in the list, where more than 20 million people live.

We have picked three countries from their list, Syria, North Korea, and Yemen. According to the criminal law, assisted suicide, suicide, the attempt of suicide and euthanasia are illegal in this country in these days- and they are punished. North Korea is very strict in a lot of things; committing suicide is not an exception. The government is also very cruel with the relatives of those people who commit or at least attempt suicide. Euthanasia and assisted suicide are also illegal in North Korea. Yemen also punishes suicide, assisted suicide and euthanasia.
For more countries, you should read Insider Monkey’s article about the biggest countries where the suicide is illegal.