What are the Biggest Facebook Groups in 2017?


What are the Biggest Facebook Groups in 2017? It’s time to take a look at the biggest Facebook groups in the year 2017 and to know which groups have the most fan followings and to know which companies, celebrities, or groups are the most popular among the world’s population. Facebook is the most used social media platform today. Since many are shifting to Snapchat and Instagram, it was thought that Facebook will decline but 2016 saw a fast growth rate despite the fact that many users are making a slow shift to other social media platforms. Unfortunately, the advertising and marketing of Facebook are not as effective as it’s counterparts.

The social media is the best place to connect with your target audience and achieve marketing goals. The people like to follow their favorite brand, celebrities, or businesses. This helps them to keep themselves updated about their favorite personality, new events, functions, and launches. It has become a trend and a necessity to create a Facebook group for all who have a public presence. Celebrities get a large fanbase due to this. Even local businesses such as a bakery get attention and it helps them retain a loyal customer and fan base. The largest Facebook group has over a million members and are very active. These groups help in advertising, keeping the audience engaged, and more. Usually, the most popular groups are those which belong to well-known celebrities, brands, or sports clubs. The official Facebook account of many celebrities has candid photos and more to keep the audience happy and to make sure the audience continues to follow them.

The groups in this list are those which are very active and has a huge number of followers. There are musicians, sports personalities, and sports clubs that feature in this list. Check them out! Facebook for Every Phone, Shakira, and FC Barcelona are the Biggest Facebook Groups in 2017. Facebook for Every Phone has a fan following of 498.22 million while Shakira has 104.48 million followers. FC Barcelona boasts of 96.89 million Facebook followers. Facebook for Every Phone empowers the use of this website as a mode of communication along with being a social media network. Shakira is a very popular singer with one of her most popular song being ‘Hips Don’t Lie’. FC Barcelona is a Spanish club with a massive fan following as it has Messi, Gerard Pique, and Neymar on its team. Read on for more information.