What are the biggest film festivals in the world?


Film festivals are very popular all over the world, but have you ever thought about what are the biggest film festivals in the world? There are a lot of them, but only a small number of them are really big.

A film festival is an organised presentation of films in one or more cinemas. We all love film festivals and there are many happening around the world almost the whole year, but some of them are really big. Dubai International Film Festival is just one of them. The International Film Festival in Dubai started in 2004, and since then it grew rapidly to a level enough for entering our list of the biggest film festivals in the world. Another one is Zurich Film Festival. It is being held from September 25th to October 5th. Gala events and premieres of the major movies occur at the festival. Film festivals are typically annual events. The Venice Film Festival is the oldest major festival, began in 1932. Venice and Cannes, were founded in 1932 and 1939, but suffered in their initial years from political pressure and global conflict. Today, thousands of film festivals take place around the world—from high-profile festivals to horror festivals. Interesting fact about film festivals is that film festivals typically receive few donations from the general public and are occasionally organized as a nonprofit business association.most festivals require new or relatively unknown filmmakers to pay an entry fee to have their works considered for screening. This is especially so in larger film festivals. On the other hand some festivals usually those accepting fewer films, perhaps not attracting as many famous people, in their audiences require no entry fee. Tradition of film festivals is competition. In contrast to those films, some festivals may screen some films without treating them as part of the competition. Film industry members often have significant curatorial input, and corporate sponsors are given opportunities to promote their brand to festival audiences in exchange for cash.

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