What are the biggest headlines of 2016? 2016 was a turbulent year filled with a lot of happenings, unfortunately, mostly the bad ones. It’s hard to pick which was the one that was the worst one. Because people tend to remember only the bad things because of a deep impression. A refugee crisis, terrible heart-breaking terroristic acts (like the one in Nice, France), wars on the East, health threats, the United States presidential elections, the Brexit referendum etc. all marked the year behind us. Maybe the biggest impression was, alongside terroristic acts, are political changes.

Donald Trump winning the presidential elections and becoming the president, shocked the United States and the whole world as well, as everybody knows that will bring the change of USA’s relationship with other countries. Besides that, we had a chance of witnessing the United Kingdom through Brexit referendum leaving the European Union. Instability has hit the countries of the European Union also, most of all by refugee crisis. But we could see that the Europe is not immune to the terrorist acts. There were some good things that happened in 2016, like international accords taking place, scientific discoveries, but most of people consider that it was not so fortunate year. Everybody hopes that 2016 will not repeat itself and that 2017 will be the year with less bad happenings. By now, it’s holding good, but it’s only February. We hope it will be better.

Among the terroristic acts and political crises, 2016 “took away” a lot of artists and left their fans heartbroken. Insider Monkey wrote an article 10 Biggest Headlines of 2016 based on the research they did, and on the 10th place are exactly the deaths of famous artists like David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Umberto Eco, Prince, Muhammad Ali etc. To check out the rest of the biggest headlines in the past, check out the 10 Biggest Headlines of 2016.