What are the Biggest Hop Producing Countries in The World?


What are the Biggest Hop Producing Countries in The World? Beer is one of the most popular drinks in the world. It is time you get to know about hops as well. For those who don’t know, hops are flowers of the Humulus lupulus plant. It is mainly used as a stability agent and also for flavoring the beer. Apart from the beer industry, hops are used in many other places as well.

They are used highly in herbal medicine. Apart from this, they are also used to manufacture other beverages. The hops are grown in strings in a farm field known as a hop garden, hop yard, or Hopfield. There are many countries in the world which mass produce hops. Taken in excess, it can cause diarrhea, stomach aches, and vomiting. It is not safe for the consumption for young kids and pregnant ladies. On the other hand, it helps one to sleep deeper and relax since it contains both anti-infection and anti-cancer and further gives benefit from chronic liver ailments, anti-weight loss, and anti-acne benefits.

Anyone thinking of hops as glutton free are right in their thinking.Wheat, rye barley, and oats contain protein. It is now clear that hops do not contain gluten and thus beers too do not contain gluten. A lot of Beers are gluten-free but there are also those which contain low amounts of gluten. Hops are categorized into bitter hops, dual-purpose hops, and aroma hops. These have been categorized based on the percentage of the alpha acid present. Aroma hops contain less amount of alpha acids while bitter hops have very high percentage of the alpha acids. Dual-purpose hops contain the qualities of both aroma hops and bitter hops.

Hops are utilized for bittering the beer. This happens in the early stage of the brewing process. The aroma is added as the last stage. Along with bittering the beer hops also give more life to the beer and act as preservatives. There have come up many hops beer brand. Germany, Ethiopia, and Poland are some of the biggest hop producing countries. We have created a list and sorted it according to the tons that each country produces. The list also includes data about the yield and products. You can check them the list of the biggest hop producing countries in the world. Go out for a beer and show off your newly-found knowledge!