What are the biggest problems in the world that can be solved with the inventions?


When talking about the biggest problems in the world, it is hard to make a unique list, since every single person in the world would make the different list according to his own view. Even if you check the official reports from United Nations and compare it to the World Economic Forum which is the non-profit organization which is made as a platform that will bring together the great leaders from all around the world in order to fix the world’s problems, you will notice that their priority lists are not similar at all and that there are some issues in the top 10 world’s problems at the one site and not even mentioned at the other. Like the education. By the report of the United Nations, the education is the fourth biggest problem on Earth, since there are many countries that don’t have the access to it or the possibilities for sharing the knowledge to the younger generations. On the other hand, this issue is not even mentioned on WEF.

Even though corruption is the big problem in some countries, it is not found either on the United Nations or WEF list. That is because corruption isn’t present in developed countries since all the citizens have the same rights and opportunities no matter what. On the other hand, safety can be found on both lists, but not as the priorities. This is explained by the state that the crime is usually the result of poverty and unemployment which means that it disappears as soon as those two problems are solved. Interesting thing is that on the both lists, psychological needs are at the top.

Someone would also say that giving the circumstances we live in today, religion and religious fanatics should maybe be on top of at least one list. Nowadays there are too many religious organizations and terrorists who kill innocent people in the name of the religion. When looking it like that, it really makes sense, right? But none of the previous list-makers thought so. But both included problems like poverty, unemployment, hunger, climate changes and long-term infrastructure investments.

According to all information gathered from both sites, Insider Monkey’s research team made the unique and a bit more detailed list of 10 biggest problems in the world that can be solved with the inventions, so check it out and feel free to give your own opinion and constructive criticism if needed.