If you are a student from a small town looking for a cheap place to live while you are in college than this article is perfect for you. As students are usually financed by their parents, they are looking for every chance they can save up some money. And since New York is not that cheap city to live in and if you add scholarship and other expenses to it, student’s life isn’t as affordable as it might seem to someone. That is why many students are in a chase for student’s loans and cheaper places to live.

The cheapest way to live in NYC is definitely getting a roommate, so you can share all expenses. This way of life has its pros and cons and, no matter how smaller expenses would there be, it might be hard for you to live with someone that doesn’t have same habits as you do. What if you are a dedicated student looking for a place to live and study in peace, and you end up with some party-maniac or vice versa?

So, when you decide to start living on your own, the first thing you should think about is the average costs you will have, and definitely, add some unexpected expenses that you will have anyway. Just to help you out a bit, avoid Central Park and Tribeca, unless you plan to sell your soul to the devil. Also, any neighborhood that has high tower buildings, malls, schools, and bars are better to be passed. On the other hand, try to be a bit open-minded when it comes to Manhattan since no matter how expensive it sounds and what you have watched on TV, there are a lot of areas that have a much reasonable price. One more thing if you are a student in a big city, although you should avoid areas with schools because of the rent, you still have to look for places near those areas since you don’t want to spend your whole day traveling to school and back. In order to help you out a bit, Insider Monkey’s research team came up with an article about average rent by neighborhoods in NYC: 10 cheapest places to rent for students and we recommend you to check it out if you want to save up some money.