What are the Cheapest Places to Live in The World on The Beach?


What are the Cheapest Places to Live in The World on The Beach? Living in a house near the beach is a dream for many. The lovely weather, the sound of the waves splashing up against the shores, the lovely sand to dig your toes into, and the cool breeze! It is quite soothing to listen to the sound of waves and beaches seem to have a rejuvenating atmosphere.

It would be a great idea to live near the sea. It would seem like vacations all the time! There are many places across the world where it is quite cheap to live on a beach. In our quest to find the cheapest places to live on the beach, we first came up with the cheapest places to live. We obtained the information from the Telegraph, the Huffington Post, and Forbes. They are credible sources and so we were able to use our finds for this articles. We ranked the beaches according to cost of living index in each place. The cost of living rates was retrieved from Numbeo. The list talks about both cities and countries as there are a few countries which have all its beaches in one city.

India, Philippines, and Indonesia are some of the cheapest places to live in the world on the beach. The cost of living index in India is 25.08. The utilities, rent, food, and other services can be availed at a very low rate. India’s culture and the booming industries make it a great place. Radhanagar Beach is known to be India’s best beach city. The cost of living in the Philippines is 34.71. They have some of the best beaches in the world. The living cost is low and the natives are very welcoming. The great thing is everyone here speaks English. Almost every city has its own beaches with the most popular one being Palawan known for its Underground River and the lagoons. Bali has a cost of living rate of 41.11. You can settle down here and live a simple life. Bali has good internet coverage meaning you can still work or control your business while enjoying a good quality of life and living at a place of your choice. Check out the list of the Cheapest Places to Live in The World on The Beach.