What are the countries with the highest youth population?


Mortality threatens to overpower the birth rate in the world, but have you ever thought about what are the countries with the highest youth population? Some of these countries might be able to make the most of their circumstances by achieving the phenomena referred to as a demographic dividend, a situation where the percentage of children in the nation decreases in comparison to the working age population of the country.

The first one on the list is Afghanistan with the proportion of youth of total population-21,2%. Afghanistan is mostly viewed as a desolate, war-stricken place associated with the US-led war from 2001 to 2014 and the infamous Taliban, but the fact remains that this unfortunate nation has a very high percentage of the youth population. Cape Verde, or Cabo Verde as the natives call it, is a tiny island nation with a population of merely 521,000. The average age of the citizens of this little country is 24.5 years, an optimal age structure of society. African countru=y Ethiopia is also on the list. The fact that it is the place where historians found one of the oldest traces of modern humans is often ignored, as people tend to focus more on the civil wars that afflicted the nation for years and destroyed its economy. The contrast that exists between the oldest and youngest populations of the world is rather stark. The reasons why the number of youth in some country is larger than the number of old are different. For example, the UN data leads us to look at Africa as the continent where countries have more people under 18 than on any other continent in the world. Good standard option for progress and finding a good job is a sound basis for the establishment of young people in a country and to increase the birth rate in general. The interesting fact is that in these countries with a lot of young population standard of living is dreadful.

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