What are the countries with the most alcohol related deaths in the world?


So what are the countries with the most alcohol related deaths in the world? Insider Monkey lately published an extremely exciting article about this topic. Drinking some alcohol can be very cool when we are at a party but consuming too much of it means hard problems, and there are very sad statistics can be found all over the world. Alcoholic beverages are drunk all over the world.

So how much alcohol is consumed? As we can find consumption of unrecorded alcohol as well, this means rather a big problem in mapping the total consumption. The rate of unrecorded alcohol can be up to 30% of total worldwide adult consumption, which is pretty much. Worldwide alcohol consumption per capita was 6.13 liters of pure alcohol in 2005 for every person from the age of 15! The most commonly consumed alcoholic beverage is beer – globally 36% of total consumption is in the form of beer in the world, and we can find the highest rates in the Region of the Americas (at 54.7% of total consumption per capita). We can observe high rate of beer and spirits consumption in Russia (36% of total per capita). Drinking wine is very popular in Europe and Europeans can ‘boost’ with 26.4% of total consumption per capita while the Region of the Americas show 12%. The highest rate of drinking wine can be found in the African Region: 48.2% of total consumption per capita.

We have picked three countries from Insider Monkey’s list: Slovenia, Europe; Finland, Scandinavia; Latvia, Baltic Region of Eastern Europe. Slovenia has the tenth place in our list as its rate is 7.19. They produce really delicious wine but we must not forget about the limit! In Finland we can find that the death rate is 7.55 here. Finnish make and consume one of the finest vodka in the world, which be a great experience when having a party but it can cause serious diseases in the brain – so be careful! And at last, but not least we mention Latvia, with its rate of 9.41 it is the eighth of our list. Latvians consume vodka, local beers and an alcoholic beverage called Black Balsam, which is a herbal drink.
For any further statistics, we recommend reading the article about the countries with the most alcohol related deaths in the world.