What are the craziest food ideas that flopped?


Ideas are not always innovative and do not always lead to success, but have you ever thought about what are the craziest food ideas that flopped?
There are obvious reasons as to why purple ketchup, celery soda, and six other crazy foods dropped terribly. Some of these products you may know, others were so outrageously unsellable that they didn’t last in the market for more than a year, while others have been flopping for decades, but have managed to remain in production to this day.

While it’s true that companies must continuously innovate to stay successful and control market share, it’s also true that not every concept that comes out of corporate research will be a huge success. Brands fail for many reasons — from petty marketing to culture shifts, straight down to a bad idea. One of the craziest food ideas that flopped is Cel-Ray. Celery Soda is the perfect example of crazy food ideas that flopped but shockingly remain on the market. Its tale began long, long ago, back in 1869, in the faraway kingdom of Brooklyn (because when you move by carriage, Brooklyn is far away). Invented by Dr. Brown, it was primarily served in New York delicatessens, and somehow not-so-surprisingly it achieved great success among the Jewish community by the 1930’s. You all heard of Heinz Purple Ketchup. Do you think that pink-colored ketchup is a good idea? Well, we don’t think so. Also millions of people didn’t think the same. Why would people like to eat pink-colored ketchup? Marketing virtuoso thought it would be a good idea. To improve their product, manufacturers often come up with some ideas that do not interest consumers, what leads to that the product is not improved at all. Thousands of new food products are introduced to the people all around the world every year. excitingexcitingBig competition and a large number of goods on the market leads companies to create ideas that are not so attractive and appealing, especially when it comes to consumers.

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