What are the craziest food inventions ever?


As the everyday food became kind of boring, the famous chefs from all around the world started preparing new innovative dishes and spices so they can make flavors richer and unique. Why would you just put the egg in butter, when you can add vegetables and cheese and have the better meal? Some of the inventions became known and used worldwide, such as ketchup, and some dishes stayed specials of elite restaurants. This is actually a good thing since you can experience everything new when going in another city or the foreign country.

But, like we already discussed in the article about the brand extensions that failed, many inventors try to improve their products with any sort of addition when they start to believe that they reached the highest level of fame. Some changes are good, such as adding flavors to water, diet mayonnaise, different kinds of pizza and BBQ spices, but there are inventions that were meant to flop from the very beginning.

Like Pepsi AM which was supposed to wake you up in the morning. Did anyone really think that there is anything that could replace the strong morning coffee? I guess not. But there are energy drinks like Ultra and RedBull which gained the full success since they are represented as the drinks which make you stay up all night clean and refreshed and are usually recommended for students and late workers. Besides, coffee addiction is among the biggest addictions in the world and expecting someone to break up with his morning love is like telling the heroin addict to stop using heroin in that same moment.

Believe it or not, Pepsi didn’t have the worse idea ever. Did you ever try the purple ketchup? I totally understand why not. First of all, it sounds funny and yuck. Second thing is, it’s not very trustful and creative. Want some more examples? Click on the next link, and you will be  moved to the Insider Monkey’s article ‘’Purple Ketchup, celery soda and 6 other crazy food ideas that flopped’’