What are the creepiest spokesmen ever: What were these companies thinking?


Some companies think that it would be a good idea to get oddball characters as spokesmen, but have you ever thought about what are the creepiest spokesmen and what were these companies thinking? Some of these spokesmen are creepy!

The Burger King is one of them. A fast food chain currently owned by Restaurant Brands International Inc, which has used an animated king called The Burger King as its mascot since the restaurant’s inception in 1953. Another one is a famous Jack Box. In 1994, Jack in the Box Inc. was on the ropes. They decided to present a mature image by blowing up the company’s classic clown heads in commercials. The move, aside from being pretty much anything but mature, drew complaints from parents over violence. Companies are ready to generate a different kind of ideas to make a great success of their final product. Advertisements that are entertaining and edgy scandalous are the ones that people memorize. If people remember the good and exciting commercial, they will remember the product also. This is the primary goal of these companies. Some famous commercials for major companies involved in food production probably you do not even remember, but many of them were creepy. Mascots that were representing the company were a real product of the imagination of employees of these companies. Not only that those people were able to recognize any of this food chains, but they have become their trademark. Nowadays the situation is identical. Some of these mascots have changed. McDonald’s has several times changed the appearance of the famous clown. To some people, this clown is still creepy and not so good-looking. But one thing is sure that whoever sees this character knows that it is McDonald’s. This is the main goal of these companies and these marketing experts. Companies were changing the look of mascot a lot of times and adapting them to the taste of the consumers.

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