What are the Developed Countries with Lowest Autism Rates?


What are the Developed Countries with Lowest Autism Rates? It is generally thought that those living in developed countries stay protected from any sort of health trouble or diseases. We have this in mind because the governments of these countries pay special attention the health of its citizens. The first logical question here is how high is the rate of autism in developed countries?

It is not an easy job to find out the exact figure of how many are suffering from autism. There are many different methods used to detect autism. Though there are many definitions of this disease now, we are still at a loss to explain how and why exactly it occurs in children. The symptoms of autism may vary greatly so it is not enough if one symptom is specified. Due to this, two patients might bring in complaints and symptoms that differ greatly from each other but the conclusion could be that both of them suffer from autism. It is the easiest to diagnose the disorder when the children are between 2 to 17 years old.

Autism rates in Europe are on the rise. This tells us the need to research it in-depth so that proper medical care would be able to be given. New Zealand is a highly developed country but only one in 66 are affected. There surfaced a theory put forward by a doctor that vaccines cause autism. This was proved wrong later. Many doctors in the past have said that there is no such thing as autistic disorder and the child was showing symptoms of other diseases. Many doctors now say that autism affects those who are skilled in science or arts. They say that almost every artist in history has shown symptoms of autism. This tells us that those in developed countries do not suffer more from autism. They just keep better records and provide better healthcare.

The list made use of the gross domestic product (GDP), Human Development Index (HDI), the standard of living, the level of industrialization, and the life expectancy. Germany takes the first position with 1.9 on the list of developed countries with the lowest autism rates. Italy and Denmark too feature in this list. Since the 90s, those affected with autism has risen by 60%. You can take a look at the full list of the Developed Countries with Lowest Autism Rates.