What Are the Differences Between Humans and Animals?


We often hear about some too sexually active couples that they are either like a couple of rabbits or like a couple of monkeys. And why is that? Are these species really that sexually active? How often animals reproduce after all? Is there a difference between humans and animals?
Humans are also said to be some kind of animals. The only difference is that we are walking on two legs, but can’t fly, we can speak and we can think. One more difference between humans and animals is that animals are already born with some instincts and kind of knowledge, unlike people, whose babies are born as the tabula rasa. But even here, there are some similarities. For example, all the birds are walking on two legs. There are also species that can be thought how to talk. And not just birds. How many videos have you watched on YouTube where huskies are talking? Not that clear, but neither do babies.
And, speaking of instincts, many trials showed that babies are capable of crawling on their mom’s belly to be breastfed only a few minutes after their birth. Although there is a longer time for human babies to learn how to walk and speak, they have a longer life than animals, which is probably why animals are developing faster than humans.
On the other hand, unlike some animal species, female humans don’t eat their males after they reproduce. Although they eat them mentally and sometimes, during the labor, they want to kill them, but it all passes after their angel cries for the first time.
One more difference is, when human couples are reproducing naturally, without any medical help, they can make most frequently one baby at the time. Three babies are also possible, but very rarely, which is why most of the couples concentrate on two or three pregnancies in a lifetime. But if you take a look at pigs or dogs, they can give birth up to eleven or even more young ones at the time. Most of them can reproduce every three months. Speaking of it, humans are carrying their babies for nine months after conceiving and it is best for the health of females and their babies to wait at least 2 years before the next pregnancy. Unlike humans, most of the animals are carrying for three months and their babies are independent after less than two months. During that period of recovery, animal owners can plan on the next reproduction of their animals which can happen most frequently between 3 to 6 months. If you believe that this way of life is a torture for animals, let’s discover 20 most sexually active animals in the world.