What are the Easiest Citizenships to Get in Europe?


What are the Easiest Citizenships to Get in Europe? Almost every one of us thinks at least once to move to another country and settle there. There are a few countries which accept foreigners and are convenient as well. It is not an easy decision to move to another country, though most of us think about doing it in order to get better job opportunities, develop oneself, or for education. The idea of not being a legal part of the country, not using their passport, and not having all the rights of a citizen are few of the reasons which prevent us from moving out.

In case one of your parents happens to be a foreign nationality, then it is probably easier to get the citizenship of that country. The great thing, however, is that to get a citizenship in Europe, there is no need for you to show any family connections. We compiled the list taking into account all the European countries and not just those belonging to the EU. You will find information on the what is required in order to apply for a specific country’s citizenship, how long would one need to stay there to become eligible, or whether marriage, studies, or work act as a factor while applying for citizenship. The member states are in high demand as when one gets a citizenship in one of these countries, they get the rights of other EU member states as well.

The main factor taken in order to create the list is the number of years required to stay in the country to become eligible to apply for citizenship. Other varieties of citizenships like those based on marriage to a native of the country, education, or work experience have been considered as well. Nomad Capitalist and Quora contributed a lot of valuable information.

Sweden, Belgium, and the UK are some of the countries where it is the easiest to get citizenships. The healthcare system, excellent maternity and paternity leaves, and a good deal of paid holidays all make Sweden an excellent place to get a citizenship. Education is free of cost for almost everyone. Belgium is known for its multicultural atmosphere. The process might take up to 5 years. A thing that will help you a lot is to know at least one of their official languages. The United Kingdom has a welcoming atmosphere and most would love to move here just for the rich heritage they have! They allow dual citizenships. One needs to know English and have knowledge about the history of the country and its royalty. You can check out the full list of the Easiest Citizenships to Get in Europe. Pack your bags! It is time to move!