So what are the easiest elementary school band instruments to play? Have your ever played any instruments and now you have children and you are thinking of their instruments? Insider Monkey recently published an article in which we can find lots of interesting facts about his topic.

As for me I played the bassoon when I was younger, and I was regarded to be talented. The only problem was that I started it too late. Nowadays if somebody is gifted in music he, she must begin learning it at a very young age, about at the age of five. But what kind of musical instrument should you choose for your children? If I needed to answer I would say the easier the better. Easy – means now that it’s not heavy. We shouldn’t forget that a very young kid can’t lift too large instruments. So you and the kids have decided to choose an instrument so that he, she could play in the school band. What a pretty idea! What’s more researchers found that those children who learnt to play any instrument in class, had improved neural processing.

In order to get the right answer, Insider Monkey has consulted sites like Music Time Academy, and Quora. The instruments that were most recommended in terms of being easy to learn by kids and as a first instrument entered on Insider Monkey’s list. We have picked three items from Insider Monkey’s list: flute, clarinet and violin. Flute is on of my favorites as I love wood wind instruments. It is good if a child of 6/7 years old begins it, as necessary lung capacity is needed for this instrument. As for me I think flute is the optimal instrument: not heavy, inexpensive and develops lung capacity like swimming. The next one is clarinet. It is very good for beginners because it has much smaller frame than trombones and trumpets. And at last but not least we mention the violin. It is easy to – hold, but it is not easy to play, but there are songs that can be play even by beginners, too.
For any further interesting information, you should read Insider Monkey’s article about the easiest elementary school band instruments to learn play.


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