So what are the easiest George Strait songs on guitar? Do you like country music? Do you have a guitar, you are learning to play and now you are curious about what to play? Insider Monkey recently published an article in which we can find lots of some useful help about his topic. George Strait is a singer and songwriter, and made great impression on country music. Strait went back to the roots of this genre and it was a very successful strategy. Unfortunately he stopped touring, so if you didn’t see him on the stage, you won’t have opportunity to do so. As for me I haven’t played the guitar, so Insider Monkey’s article was a new adventure for me. I learnt to play the bassoon, and I wanted to be a musician, as I was considered a talented student. But as I don’t know anything about playing the guitar, the descriptions of the songs were not changed in my article now.

Actually country music is ideal for beginners, but of course there are lots of songs that are very difficult to play. George Strait’s songs tell you the story, they are catchy. The songs that Insider Monkey offers you, all work with 3 or 4 chords. But please keep in mind that you will need patience and practice if you want to play these songs well.

In order to get right information, Insider Monkey has consulted the website the Ultimate Guitar – this was the starting point. They included the links of chords, so you can start immediately to practice the songs. We have picked two songs from Insider Monkey’s list. The first is Give It All We Got Tonight. And if you are a guitar player, than any song that doesn’t require you to go over 3rd fret is as easy as they come. For this one, you need to play G, D, Am and C chord pattern and that is it. The song has an interesting and unusual melody that may challenge you at first, but it becomes very rewarding after. The second one is Troubadour. It is a song with 3 cords, and it is one of the latest of George Strait’s songs. He remained faithful to his roots, you will need capo on the the 4th fret and G, Em, and C chords played in that same order.
For any further interesting information, you should read Insider Monkey’s article about the easiest George Strait songs on guitar.


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