So what are the easiest German universities to get into? You may be about to finish your high school education and you are thinking of going for the university, perhaps somewhere abroad. In order to get the right answer you need Insider Monkey published a remarkable article about this topic. Germany is one of the countries where international students may feel like home, being a really important aspect when choosing a country to study in. There are 321,569 international students in Germany and this number increases year by year.

You can have scholarships there, and once you have managed to get into a university you can achieve everything if you are willing to work hard. But if you don’t have a scholarship you don’t need to worry, because students who come from abroad pay around $200 per a semester, which is almost nothing. Insider Monkey’s list contains only the public universities, as the private ones are much more expensive. Germany has an excellent education systems,so it is a fantastic chance to study there. In order to get the right answer, Insider Monkey has consulted the site University rankings, and provided such information like requirements, which are usually the same for international students.

For now we have picked two universities from Insider Monkey’s list: University of Bonn and University of Freiburg. University of Bonn has a World University Ranking (2017): 113, and the Academic Ranking of World Universities (2016): 101. The university has specific requirements for those students who obtained their degree outside of Germany, but as a matter of fact these requirements are the regular ones, like: secondary school leaving certificate, a list of grades and grading scale, CV, passport and other relevant documents. University of Freiburg has a World University Ranking (2017): 95, and an Academic Ranking of World Universities (2016): 101. You can study in two ways here; you can be a full-time student, and a short time student, which means you complete one or two semesters.
For any further interesting information, you should read Insider Monkey’s article about the easiest German universities to get into.


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