What Are the Easiest Languages to Learn Besides English?


If you are into traveling, reading books and post on other languages, or just like to know as many languages as you can, then stick to us while we announce the easiest languages to learn besides English.

To be honest, English is not that easy to learn, especially the grammar part. There are too many rules and tenses, as well as the exceptions to the rule. But the thing that makes English so easy to learn is its wide usage. All the official documents have the translation in English, the best and most seen movies and cartoons are in English, the most popular songs are in English, all the products you buy have the instructions in English, besides the language spoken in the country that sells it. So, everywhere you look, there is some English words and sentences coming out, which is why there is no chance that someone will skip learning at least the basics, just by shopping new items. If it wasn’t like that, there probably wouldn’t be that many English speakers out there. And which language would?
Although many people find the German language hard and awful, it actually isn’t the case. The words might be difficult to learn and pronounce, but the grammar is a real piece of cake. There are less than 20 reading and writing rules and, as soon as you learn them, you can’t make a mistake. As for the grammar in general, there are also several rules that you need to follow, but there is no that much thinking. As soon as you know which preposition you are using, or which time you want to speak about, just remember the word order and the form of the verb and that’s the whole science.

Besides the live languages that are used every day, there is also Esperanto that is also said to be one of the easiest languages to learn. If you don’t believe us, try reading the Insider Monkey’s list of 11 easiest languages to learn for anyone, since they make a thorough research each time they compile a new list.