So what are the easiest ways to get prescribed pain pills? Insider Monkey recently published an article in which we can find lots of interesting facts about his topic. If you search the easiest ways to get pain pills, you must have some serious pain, but Insider Monkey’s article is some kind of fun article rather than you should take it seriously and follow it as advice! So if you have pain you should visit you doctor.

I have never had such severe pain that I would need more than an aspirin, or perhaps once I had a terrible toothache but I visited my dentist and got the necessary pills from her. Unfortunately in the USA, people are screwed, and do heroin-level stuff, so of course they can addicted to it if they don’t treat it with respect. On the other hand these pills are irresponsible of health care system. Some people blame Obamacare for the spike in opioids abuse because it made them “free”.

Surprisingly 56% of people say they have some personal connection to the issue – either know someone who has taken a prescription for painkiller, or they use these pills. That is an article about getting prescribed drugs, but the truth is: if you really want to get them, the last thing you need is a doctor’s order.But if you want to follow these tips you wil just ruin your life, which is a very bad idea.

We have picked two items from Insider Monkey’s list: Inflict some Real, Painful Injury on Yourself and Move to the South West. Inflicting some real, painful injury on yourself is the hardest thing, I think. Or I mean I wouldn’t be able to do it. But what is true it’s working, however. You must never forget that opioids might make you that reckless. It’s like when junkies recur to prostitution in order to get money for smack. Anyway, here are some ideas: dislocate your shoulder or re-wound a pre-existing injury, for example “A man, who had originally become addicted to opioids when he twisted his ankle, would re-injure the ankle by jumping up and down on it or hitting it with a hammer”. The last tip is that you should move to the South West. It’s not a big something once you decided to sustain a life-long addiction to painkillers. In 2015 more than 15,000 people died of overdosing themselves with opioids.


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