What are the Extinct Languages in India and Asia?


What are the Extinct Languages in India and Asia? Not every language spoken in the past has made it until today. Apart from those we know and recognize today, there have been thousands of more languages in the past. Many were spoken by a small community or were limited to a small region. These are the prime reasons why they did not survive.

As language occupy an important place and is seen as our identity, one should remember and know about the extinct languages as well. Seeing that they have had great importance in the history, one ought to know the region it belonged to, who spoke them, and their name. Many languages spoken actively in India and in Asia have now disappeared due to a variety of reasons. Over a period of time, the communities started accepting a new culture and adopted their language as well. There are also instances where a nation was bilingual and gradually, preferred one more than the other and did not pass it down to the next generation.

We took the list of endangered languages by UNESCO and identified those languages spoken in Asia that are no longer spoken. To present a clear picture of languages in Asia, we included the languages spoken in various places in Asia, including India. Then the list was sorted according to the time period in which the languages became extinct. Hence, the list contains those which disappeared centuries ago to those quite recent.

This list is proof that a language is a previous thing which is easy to lose. Something must be done to protect and preserve our languages which are in danger of extinction. Pazeh language, Arin language, and Gogureyo language are few of the languages listed here. Pazeh language is known to be the recently extinct language as till 21st century, it was spoken. The very last person who spoke the language passed away in 2010. Arin language became extinct in the 18th century. It was spoken in North Asia. Gogureyo language became extinct in the 8th century. It was spoken in the region we know as Korea today. It was one of the main languages of the kingdom but with the fall of the kingdom, the language died as well. You can check out the other languages in the list of the Extinct Languages in India and Asia.