What are the fastest growing cities in America in 2015?


Big cities equal big money, but have you ever thought about what are the fastest growing cities in America in 2015? These cities that are flourishing and becoming more and more desirable are one of the biggest cities in America.

Today, about half of the world’s population lives in urban areas. There are hundred of cities in America that are growing faster and faster every year. The first one is Castle Rock in Colorado. It’s been doubling for the last four decades. Growth: 4.9%. Another one is Meridian in Idaho. The population has been booming for around 25 years already, and has seen a 15% jump just in the last five year alone. People are always moving around and the reasons are different. People go to the cities for many reasons. Many people moved to big cities because they were looking for jobs. A bad economic situation in one city or a lack of jobs, forcing people to move from one place to another where are much better conditions. Education is also a large factor. The influx of people in the big cities will be higher if there are jobs. During the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century cities grew fast, especially in Europe and North America, because new industries were created there and people found many jobs. Social and personal life are two other commonly quoted reasons for moving. Cities provide more opportunities to get out and meet people, such as social clubs and lots of different bars. Urban areas have more opportunities for employment, especially in competitive, progressive industries, such as computers and technology companies. People chose to live in a bigger city. When you’re in a major city, you’re not going to run into the same people every day unless you plan on it. There are also opportunities that you never would have access to in a small town. Large cities have many famous schools which has modern equipments and high training quality.

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